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The following is a schematic description of the setup and procedures followed in the shop-floor at IDEC, Chennai. IDEC is a fully fledged engine rebuilding and overhauling unit dealing with the reconditioning and maintenance of mainly Greaves engine. The unit here deals mainly with high power, high torque engines used in generators, railways and marine applications. Apart from this IDEC also deals with sales of new engines/genset with repair and  maintenance.

Based on the requirements, the shop-floor has been divided into these following divisions:


Loading Gangway:

This is the place where the engines are brought in and unloaded from the trucks

Old/ Used Engine Stocking Bay:

The engine is brought along the gangway and placed in the stocking bay. The stocking bay has storage for engines. The engines are placed if Anti- Vibration (AV) mounts on to the designated area.

Dismantling and washing bay:

Then engine is then taken to the dismantling unit where it is carefully dis-assembled part by part. Great care is taken at this time because most of the parts, if in good condition, are to be used again.

Followed by this, these parts are taken to washing bay. Each part is washed with a high pressure water pump gun. The tougher greasy layers which do not come off with water are removed with high pressure steam washing technique along with foaming.

Parts Stocking Bay:

After dismantling, the parts are moved into storage bins with bin marking and after processing the Job-card. Each bin is labelled with the respective engine name, number and type. The bins are moved into the stocking bay by using mobile hydraulic lifters.

Assembly Bay:

Once the customer is satisfied with the estimates and approves of the repairs, the bins are taken to the assembly bay via the gangway using the hydraulic lifters along with new parts. The assembly bay facilitates the assembly of three engines at a time with the help of exclusive mobile tool box, pneumatic tools and special tools. This bay also has a dedicated jib crane with which it helps the assembling of the engine at ease.

Engine Testing Bay:

After assembling the engine, the testing of the rebuilt engine is required. For this there is sound proof test cell with all facilities for effective testing.
Idle test and Load Testing is done with the help of resistive load bank. Based on the tests a report is generated and provided to the customer for their evaluation and understanding.

Painting Bay:

Once the engine has been tested and the required results are obtained, the engine is taken to the painting bay to improve aesthetics. The engine is then painted using heat resistant and rust prevention paint. The room is be with an extractor for removal of excessive and dissipating paint spray.

Fabrication Bay:

This bay is used mainly for manufacturing parts within the shop-floor.

Finished and Despatch bay:

The final product (the engines and gen-sets) are mounted on the crane and placed on to the despatch bay from where it may be loaded onto the trucks and delivered to the customers.

Machine shop:

The machine shop contains basic machines for all kinds of mechanical modification and re-works. Here a lathe machine, drilling machine, air compressor and hydraulic press is provided.

Sale of New Genset ranging from 20KVA-550KVA

Sale of Rebuilt Genset with Company Warranty & after Sales support
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