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The Sale of New Engines & Gensets

Sale of rebuilt Engines & Gensets

Sale of New Diesel Generating Sets

Spares and Service of Engines & Gensets

Hire of Gensets ranging from 25

KVA to 1000KVA

Buy-back of used Engines & Gensets


IDEC is the culmination of 35 years of experience in the sales and service of Heavy Diesel Engines by Industrial Diesel Engineers, which specialized in Sales and service of Greaves Engines. Fueled by the impetus of the collaboration with AL-AZAUBA UNITED GROUP, OMAN, the largest Heavy Diesel Engine Re-builder in the Sultanate of Oman since 1993 with its promoters having experience in this industry for over three decades.

The need for Professional re building of Heavy Diesel Engines was felt and hence the inception of ID Engineering Company currently the pioneers in this part of India.

IDEC is an ultra modern Engine Rebuilding centre situated 30 minutes from Chennai city in SIDCO Industrial Estate. Built on a sprawling area of 20,000sqft. With all the modern amenities and state-of-art equipment including a full fledged workshop facility to enable all such work to be carried out under one roof.

They also have gensets and engines of various capacities available for hire. Pre-owned, rebuilt engines and gensets are also available for sale with the company’s guarantee.

A full cover electrical Overhead Traction Crane for easy and safe handling of heavy equipment.

A structured engine disassembly and de-greasing facility using high pressure jet washing system which has the capability of varying temperature up to 150 degrees with an option of steam wash by Karcher UK, the latest methods to clean the engine of all grease and dirt before it ;moves on to the next section.

A square storage bin is allotted for each engine so that dismantled parts are efficiently managed and stored till assembly.

A part of our testing facility, a Load Bank tests the performance of the engines which are coupled with alternate for Genset applications by simulating resistive loads progressively.

A well designed assembly bay with a dedicated Jib Crane, Pneumatic tools and other special tools.

A sophisticated dynamometer testing facility with all parameters and readings on a Control panel hooked on to a computer which analyses the engines performance and gives its report as a printout. To avoid the traditional trial and error method of testing at customer’s site.

Finally assemble engine is sent to environmentally friendly Painting Booth to give it the factory finish look.

Finally these refurbished Engines are loaded onto specially fitted trucks which have a built in crane which loads, transports and unloads the engines with utmost care and efficiency by the experienced team from IDEC.

A well stocked multi-level racking system to maintain sufficient stocks of spares and components to carter to various types of engines.


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